Snapshot Day 2014: A Day in the Life of the Library

snapmassOn Tuesday, April 8, Arlington’s libraries will join libraries across the Commonwealth and
the nation to provide a “snapshot” of what happens in a day in the life of libraries. How many books are checked out? How many people receive help doing their taxes, finding a book, using the computers? During Snapshot Day, libraries will collect data and photos that help demonstrate the value of libraries and raise public awareness that libraries are busier than ever. This is certainly true for Robbins and Fox libraries, where circulation reached an all-time high last year!

Everyone can participate in Snapshot Day: you can use the hashtag #snapmass14 on twitter to post comments about the ways you use the library, and visit our flickr page to see photos of Robbins and Fox libraries during SnapMass 2014. If you agree to be photographed in the library by a staff member during SnapMass, we’ll just ask you to sign a release form that confirms it’s ok to use your photo or your child’s photo to promote library services.

We’re looking forward to a fun, busy day that helps us show how much our residents use the Robbins Library and Fox Branch Library. Busy days are the norm at libraries across the state. Over the past decade, libraries in Massachusetts have experienced a dramatic surge in usage, including a 50% increase in library visits and a 29% increase in circulation. Nationally, Snapshot Day is supported by the American Library Association which will compile state data to provide a national perspective of a day in the life of libraries. Massachusetts Library Snapshot Day is presented by the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners, the Massachusetts Regional Library System, the Massachusetts Library Association, the Massachusetts School Library Association, and Boston Public Library. Visit: for more information.

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