The Beatles Explosion — A retrospective


In the 1960s a new band known as the Beatles burst on the pop music scene and changed it forever. Band members included George Harrison, John Lennon,  Paul McCartney,  and Ringo Starr.   With the release of three anthologies in the mid-1990s, the group remained one of the best-selling of all time.

On February 7, 1964, the Beatles arrived at Kennedy International Airport in New York City, met by 110 police officers and a mob of more than 10,000 screaming fans. The British Invasion–and in particular, “Beatlemania”–had begun, and the “mop-topped” Beatles–John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr–wasted no time in endearing themselves to American fans and the media, though many adults remained skeptical. According to the February 24, 1964, Newsweek cover story, the Beatles’ music, already topping the charts, was “a near disaster” that did away with “secondary rhythms, harmony, and melody.” Despite such early criticism, the Beatles garnered two Grammy Awards in 1964, foreshadowing the influence they would have on the future of pop culture.   …Except taken from  Encyclopedia of World Biography (via the library database – Biography in Context.)


Has your interest in The Beatles peaked yet?  Come to Robbins and discover even more about the Fab Four.  Stop by the “Little Table”  on the first floor, where you’ll find:   the very latest books, 009 Beatles songbooks/scores galore,  an original Life magazine from 1964.  The Library has a  circulating collection of Life dating back to 1925.

There are LPs (or vinyls),  DVDs,  CDs, some Beatles history, and even some framed prints, from our circulating  prints collection.   Who knew.


Some of the latest book titles include:

All the Songs: The Story Behind Every Beatles Release

Beatles: Six Days that Changed the World February 1964 

The Beatles are Here: 50 Years after the Band Arrived in America    

Beatles: The BBC Archives 1962-1970

The Complete Beatles Recording Sessions: The Official Story of the Abbey Road Years 1962-1970

The Best of the Beatles: Cello

The Best of the Beatles: Flute

The Fifth Beatle: The Brian Epstein story  (a graphic novel)

The John Lennon Letters 

Tune In: The Beatles: All These Years

When They Were Boys: The True story of the Beatles’ Rise to the Top

You can reserve these or any other Beatles materials.


While there, definitely vote for your favorite Beatle.  Just drop a name in the basket provided.

DSC00607Any questions,  contact Reference,  or Ellen,  @ 781.316.3233.  Or just stop by the Reference Desk around the corner.

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