Character Crush winners


The “character crush” board filled up fast last month! As you can see, characters came from all genres, including TV (see Mr. Bates from Downton Abbey in the lower right corner). Lots of popular young adult series characters were represented, including:

Harry Potter – 3 hearts/votes
Fred Weasley and Ron Weasley (but not George! poor George) – 1 heart each
Hermione Granger – 4 hearts
Voldemort(!) – 1 heart
Edward and Jacob from Twilight – 1 heart each
Finnick and Peeta from The Hunger Games (but not Gale or Katniss?!) – 1 heart each
Percy and Annabeth from the Percy Jackson series – 1 heart each
Tobias (Four) from Divergent – 1 heart
Anne of Green Gables – 1 heart

The classics were also represented, with three votes for Mr. Darcy (or “Dahcy”), and one each for Heathcliff (Wuthering Heights), Jane Eyre, and Daniel Deronda.

The winners of the Character Crush Quiz have been contacted. Thanks for playing! (Here’s the quiz if you want to test yourself.)

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