Readers! Who’s your character crush?

Books come in all shapes and styles, all colors and flavors, all genres, for all ages. But nearly every book has something in common: characters. Usually, it’s a book’s characters that make you feel something: the protagonists may inspire admiration, protectiveness, fear, laughter, love; the antagonists may provoke anger, disgust, disbelief, or even sympathy. Some characters make such a strong impression that we remember them years after reading their books, and that’s what this month is about: sharing the characters we love.

Whether it’s dashing Westley from The Princess Bride (yes, it was a book before it was a movie), brave Katniss from The Hunger Games, or the beloved Darcy from Pride and Prejudice, everyone can come up with at least one character they really loved. Share your “character crush” by writing your favorite character’s name (and book title, if you like) on a paper heart, and we’ll put it up on the display board.

2014-02-01_charactercrushThis display is located on the small table across from the elevator on the first floor of the Robbins Library.

For those readers who are up for a challenge, we also have the Character Crush Quiz, a list of nearly sixty characters. Identify the books for as many characters as you can (without Googling)(or using any other search engine) and hand your quiz in to the reference desk. Feel free to work together with friends or family; it may be useful to have readers of all ages. The quiz will also be available at the Fox Branch Library. The entry with the most correct answers will win a prize! The winner (or winners, in case of a tie) will be contacted in early March.

Good luck, and may the odds be ever in your favor!

Character Crush Quiz Hints:

  • Some characters may be from the same book.
  • Many of the characters are from young adult (YA) books.
  • One of the characters on the list is not a human.

Update: People are already showing some love for their favorite characters! The first four up on the board are Daniel Deronda, Jane Eyre, Ash (presumably from the Malindo Lo book of the same name), and “Mr. Dahcy” – the Bostonian pronunciation of everyone’s favorite Fitzwilliam.


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