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Do you feel overwhelmed by technology? Does the ubiquity of computers, smartphones, and tablets trouble you? Technology is a growing part of our lives, but it can be difficult to keep up with all of the rapid changes.

openclipart_mgsloan_Stylized_ComputerIf you’re new to new technology, we have lots of resources to help. You can start with our “Cross the Digital Divide” page, which has resources on learning computer skills and where to buy a computer that won’t break the bank. The Acton Memorial Library has a similar page, with an annotated list of links to various “Online Computer Tutorials.” Tutorials are a great way to learn anything, from basics like using a mouse and keyboarding to the ins and outs of new operating systems.

The Goodwill Community Foundation hosts dozens of excellent tutorials across many tech topics, such as Internet 101e-mail basicsFacebook 101, “How to Read a Webpage,” and Internet Safety for Kids. More advanced computer users can learn about new software, such as Microsoft Excel 2013 and Google Drive and Docs. There are resources for Mac users too, like iPad basics and iPhone basics. Check out all of the topics to see what’s right for you. Try some of these tutorials to gain the knowledge to use technology with confidence. If you don’t have a computer at home, you can get hands-on practice here at the library with one of our Windows 8 laptops.

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