Reading Challenges for 2014


Photo by Raoul Louar, licensed under CC BY 2.0

After reading Jenny’s post, “Book Resolutions,” you’re probably thinking a lot about how you can challenge yourself with reading this year. Look no further, because just like last year, I’ve put together a whole list of reading challenges. You can sign up and participate officially, blogging about your reading and possibly even winning prizes, or just follow along privately on your own.

2014 Reading Challenge from Tuesday’s Wednesday. A list of 24 different categories will guide your reading, such as “a book that is based on or has been turned into a tv show” and “a book you gave up on reading in the past.” This sounds like an ambitious and possibly difficult challenge, but I’m sure you’re up to it, right?

Chunkster Challenge. Do you want some encouragement to finally read Moby-Dick or War and Peace? The Chunkster Challenge may be just what you need to finally tackle those books over 450 pages that have been intimidating you up until now.

Russian Literature 2014 at Behold the Stars. Speaking of War and Peace, here’s a whole challenge based on reading Russian Literature. You could get credit for two challenges by reading that one book. You’re welcome.

Eclectic Reader Challenge at Book’d Out. If you want to spread your wings a little more, this challenge is sure to get you reading in a variety of genres. This would be great for anyone who feels stuck in a reading rut.

Twelve Months of Classic Literature at the Classics Club. There’s a category for every month, starting with Shakespeare and his contemporaries in January.

Horror Reading Challenge at Midnyte Reader. “Don’t be scared, it’s just a reading challenge.” I don’t know when I went from reading only horror to not reading nearly enough of it, but this one sounds quite tempting.

Dystopia Reading Challenge at Blog of Erised. If last summer’s Teen Summer Reading Challenge whetted your appetite for dystopia, here’s a great way to continue your apocalyptic reading.

Everything YA Reading Challenge at Books & Iced Coffee. Speaking of teen books, here’s a whole challenge devoted to reading young adult novels.

Historical Fiction Reading Challenge at Historical Tapestry. Pick a level based on how many historical fiction books you want to tackle this year.

100 Books in a Year at Book Chick City. If you just want to read more books, but don’t want to be restricted in your choices, this may be the perfect challenge for you.

TBR Pile Challenge at Roof Beam Reader. I think we all have a pile or list of books that we’ve been intending to read and never quite gotten around to, and this challenge is designed to get us to finally pick up those books. (This is the challenge I’m participating in this year, and will be posting updates on my personal blog.)

As I mentioned last year, there is a challenge out there for everyone and a web search will likely turn up a what you’re looking for. If not, go ahead and make one up!

Will you participating in a reading challenge this year? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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One Response to Reading Challenges for 2014

  1. !!YaZ!! says:

    Reblogged this on Yazzles's Daily Ventures and commented:
    More and More amazing Reading Challenges.
    It is really killing me….
    I want to do them all 😥
    I am in LOVE with the all 😦
    I already started with the 2014 Reading Challenge done by Tuesday’s Wednesday.
    I guess I will see if I can do another one or two; since 2014 reading challenge will cover only half of my 50 books to read in 2014. Have another 24 books to read. (Yes! I already read one book and finished it this year :D)

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