Oh yeah, let’s hike this mountain: Six-Word Memoirs from the Robbins Library

Participation in the Six-Word Memoir project was overwhelming throughout November. Robbins Library patrons filled up three whole sheets of butcher paper with their six-word memoirs. Dozens and dozens of six-word phrases addressed a range of subjects, including love, life, family, animals, music, observations, friendship, philosophy, aspirations, regrets, time and place, youth and age, and of course, books and libraries.

600px-Six.svgSeveral contributors used the number six as more of a guideline than a rule, while some objected to the idea altogether (“No six words can define me”). Some people responded to others’ six words (“Let no man define your worth” received the retort “Let no woman define it, either”; “Most people make me more lonely” elicited an empathetic “I sometimes feel that way, too”).

You can see the entire list here, divided into categories. Nominate your favorites in the comments (one from each category per commenter, please) and we’ll have a vote!

Thank you to everyone who contributed. This was a wonderful project!

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3 Responses to Oh yeah, let’s hike this mountain: Six-Word Memoirs from the Robbins Library

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  2. samldiener says:

    At least one entry (mine) is still misspelled: “They can jail resistors, not resistance,” should be “They can jail resisters, not resistance.” Resistors are parts of electric circuits. Just let them try to jail resistors and they’ll encounter real resistance!

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