Ever wonder if ghosts fly in pairs or if The paranormal stops here?

A spooky new display blew in, screeched to a halt around the area near the bottom of the  stairs inside Robbins Library, and is lurking there, awaiting your presence.


First I must ask  –  do you burn with a secret desire to ghost hunt with your friends,  believe  in the paranormal,  into zombies , or just want to hunker down with traditional books/movies?  Do you seek something new,  or maybe an old favorite?

      Proceed no further.

In addition to haunted books, this  graveyard-like exhibit also features some  movie recommendations by Robbins Librarians.  These are  flicks to die for:

 Dial M for Murder (Hitchcock), The Fog, The Fly,  Carrie (based on Stephen King’s novel), The Blair Witch Project, The Vanishing (Dutch),  Diabolique (French),  Paranormal Activities,  cult classic -The Texas Chainsaw Massacre,   Ghostbusters 1 or 2,  Cabin in the Woods, The Shining, The Ring or Ringu (original Japanese version),  Halloween,  The Exorcist, The Hot Zone,  Silence of the Lambs, Scream (spoof), Vertigo (Hitchcock), and finally –  the hypnotic Argentinian film  – Los Muertos

Once you arrive, if there’s something you must have but do not find, skulk on over if you dare – to the Reference Desk a few feet from where you stand –  a Librarian at this desk will help you nab what you seeeek.

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