Did you know…?: Under-the-radar library resources

The library, as most (all?) people know, is a place you can come to borrow books. But the Arlington libraries provide more than just books – “check out” these offerings:

cloud-4*New* Print From Anywhere service: Print from any internet-connected device (computer, tablet, phone) and pick up your print job at the library! Print jobs stay in the queue for 24 hours. All you need is a library card.

lonelyplanet_spainCheck out an e-book: Take the library with you when you travel. Go to digital.minlib.net to check out an always-available e-book, including Lonely Planet travel guides, or download a digital audiobook to your own device.

zoonewenglandMuseum, Zoo, and State Parks passes: Borrow discounted passes from the library to visit the Museum of Science, the Museum of Fine Arts, the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, Zoo New England, and more! Reserve online or call.

Get hand-picked book recommendations: Check out the “book recommendations” page on our blog for suggestions, and fill out our reader’s preference survey to get personalized recommendations from librarians.

mangoLearn a language with Mango: Visit our website (Using the Library –> e-Resources –> Databases) to start using Mango, an online language learning system that includes English, Spanish, French, Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, Greek, Italian, and more. (We also have lots of language learning programs on CD and Playaway.)

John_Singer_Sargent_-_The_Daughters_of_Edward_Darley_Boit_1882Borrow Framed Art Prints: Borrow from the library’s collection of framed art prints to decorate your home or office. Take one or two at a time for six weeks. Browse in the stairwells or on the second floor landing; check out at the circulation desk.

 Are all these old news to you, or are you excited to try a new library offering? Tell us in the comments!





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