Adult Summer Reading at Robbins and Fox

robbins_display Adult Summer Reading is in full swing at both Robbins and Fox, with over 75 people registered so far. Signing up is simple: just stop by the display at either library and fill out a blue registration form, and you’re all set! You can fill out a green raffle ticket for every book you read (audiobooks count!), and we’ll have prize drawings in mid-July and early September.

If you’re looking for suggestions about what to read next, try our personalized reader’s preference survey, browse on this blog (try the tag “books“), or check out our Goodreads account. You can also see what your fellow readers have liked recently at, and make your own recommendations by returning books (or movies or music) you thought were awesome to the Awesome Box instead of the regular returns bin.

Summer is also a great time to try out one of out library book clubs, which meet year-round on various evenings at the Robbins and/or Fox branch. You can pick up the book club books ahead of time at the circulation desk at either Robbins or Fox.

lonelyplanet_italyIf you’re traveling and have an e-reader or tablet, why not try downloading one of our “always available” Lonely Planet guides from the digital media catalog? Or, if you haven’t yet jumped on the e-reader bandwagon, check out our travel guides in print – they’ll be between 914-917 in the nonfiction section (on the third floor at Robbins).

Remember, our theme this summer is “Worth the Trip.” With reduced parking here at the library this summer, try another way of visiting the library. We suggest several in our “ways to get to the library” poster on the summer reading display table:


What’s your favorite way to visit the library? And what have you read so far this summer that you’ve liked? Leave a comment!

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2 Responses to Adult Summer Reading at Robbins and Fox

  1. Tanya says:

    When did the adult summer reading start? I just want to know which titles I can include when I fill out the raffle tickets…or does it matter?

    • Jenny says:

      Summer reading started in June. You can read any book you like (audiobooks count too). The registration forms and raffle slips are on the display table near the elevator at Robbins, and on top of the low shelf as soon as you enter the building at the Fox Branch. Come on in!

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