AP U.S. History Class Brings Local History to Public – in a Library exhibit

Ms. Konstandakis's AP U.S. History class   project Arlington High School

Ms. Konstandakis’s
AP U.S. History class project
Arlington High School

CapitolTheatreMinutemanBikePath LittleRailroad
Robbins’Farm ParkFirstParishChurchSpyPond

If you are fascinated by history – or even if you think it’s dull, dry, and boring – come to Robbins  this summer.  You’ll discover a blockbuster exhibit sure to knock your socks off.

Ms. Konstandakis’s AP U.S. History class at the High School has produced an amazing poster for their final project.  Each student chose a local history topic to research and worked solo, or in a group.

Their instructions:  Go boldly into the community armed with a camera.   Shoot visual images of the historical site you chose.

Next step – visit the Library and delve into available resources – including  historical files, books, pamphlets, old photos, town reports, historical scrapbooks, historical databases, the Local History Room,  etc., to dig up  information on your respective sites.  In essence they became independent researchers who learned to think like historians.


End product:  After doing a ton of legwork and reflecting on a mass of content, they produced a huge  poster that maps out interesting discoveries  made along the way.  Each topic reflected on the poster includes a directional string in bright red.  Follow the string which visually leads to an Arlington map – here a tiny black flag lets you know you’ve arrived at the site.


Come to the lobby of Robbins Library and discover a whole new piece of fascinating Arlington history you never knew existed.  The poster will be on display all summer.


Questions about the display?  Contact Librarians Aimee Gagnon agagnon(at)minlib.net  or Ellen Wendruff(at)minlib.net for more information.


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