Queer Book Group reads The Miseducation of Cameron Post

The Miseducation of Cameron PostI cannot think of a better time to read this book. Here’s how the author describe’s Cameron Post’s aboutness:

“Dead parents. Random acts of shoplifting. Girls kissing girls in barns, in twisty slides on playgrounds, in abandoned hospitals. A Victorian dollhouse with all kinds of weird $h!# glued to it. The compulsive renting and watching of 99 cent videos. Miles City, Montana. The 1990s. Swimming. Summer. Cowgirls. Dinosaur discovering. Ferris Wheels. Conversion therapy. Taco Johns. A girl named Jane Fonda and the hollowed compartment in her prosthetic leg…”

Copies are available at the circulation desk at the Robbins and at the Fox Branch (in June, probably).

QBG is meeting on Wednesday, June 26 in the Robbins Library 4th Floor Conference Room. 7 PM. Learn more at this very cool website

Please note:  The Not-So-Young-Adult Book Group is also reading this book in June.  Plenty of copies for everybody at the Circ Desk at the Robbins! Rejoice!

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