Awesome Box comes to Arlington

awesome_return_imageYou know when you read a really good book, or watch a really good movie, and you want to tell everyone about it? Good news – now you can! When you really love an item – book, audiobook, movie, TV show, magazine, etc. – put it in the “Awesome Box” on the Circulation Desk. Your item will then be scanned twice by library staff; once to return your item, and again so that it shows up on our brand new Awesome page. 

This is a great way to share and recommend your favorite things with other Arlington library patrons. And if you’re looking for something good to read or watch, see what fellow Arlington residents think is awesome. Of course, we still have our rotating Staff Picks display here in the library, and you can always ask a librarian for recommendations – the Awesome page is just one more way to discover great things from the library!

Awesome Box technology is generously provided by the fine folks at the Harvard Library Innovation Lab. Thanks, Annie and Matt!

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