Guys Book Group May 1st Meeting Is Complete with an Author Visit

A is for ArgonautThis is just a friendly reminder that the Guys Book Group meeting on May 1st will include a visit from the author, Micheal Stedman. The book is ‘A’ is for Argonaut. Below is a description compliments of GoodReads. If it sounds like something up your alley, pick up a copy and join us. It doesn’t matter if you finish or not, it’s always fun to talk to an author.

Please note, the group will meet in the Robbins Library Community Room, not the Fox Branch as usual.

Mack Maran, the most skilled op his nation ever had, stands outside the courthouse at Ft. Bragg, home of his “non-existent” unit. America’s unsung hero has been betrayed, ambushed, and disgraced in a mission to rescue young American idealists held by African terrorists. His enemies, led by a major illegal arms dealer in league with Islamist terrorists, are cunning and treacherous. But they don’t count on Maran’s tenacity. He plans to hunt down the enemies who butchered his men, hobbled his health, and defiled his honor-and then kill them. He sets up his own spy firm and finds he’s not a lone victim. The strong and independent diamond courier, Amber Chu, leads Mack on a race to free her kidnapped son and destroy their common enemy. Together they plunge through a maze of danger and intrigue to unravel a massive diamond scam that takes them from the U.S. Diamond Board, to the gemstone cutting tables of Antwerp, to the Congo-and back to the nation’s capital. Maran’s probe exposes the dark side of unbridled idealism at the highest levels, where the thirst for wealth and power meet.

As far as getting a copy, there are a couple of copies left in the Minuteman Network. Click here to request one.

If by the time you read this, those copies are snagged by someone else, the Boston Public Library has a couple of copies. If you happened to have a BPL card, too, click here to request one of theirs.

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1 Response to Guys Book Group May 1st Meeting Is Complete with an Author Visit

  1. linda says:

    There are also copies on request that will be held at the Circulation Desk – hopefully they’ll arrive in the next few days.

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