Attention, Readers: Our Next Staff Picks Book Club Will Change Your Life


… Or at least I think it will.  This month, we will be reading Carol Rifka Brunt’s incredible, thought-provoking, tear-inducing masterpiece, Tell the Wolves I’m Home. Is that enough adjectives for you?  But seriously, this novel is not only the best book that I read in 2012, but one of the best books I have ever read.  Tell the Wolves takes place in 1987 and tells the tale of 14-year-old June Elbus, whom no one understands except her uncle Finn.  Abandoned by her workaholic parents and tortured by her older sister Greta, Finn is the only calm port in June’s otherwise stormy existence.  But when Finn dies of a mysterious new virus called AIDS, June is completely alone.  At Finn’s funeral, June notices a strange man hovering on the edge of the crowd, looking just as lonely as she feels.  It’s Toby, Finn’s former boyfriend and a man loathed by June’s entire family.  But Toby reaches out to June in his grief, and together the two form a bond based on their shared love they feel for a man who is no longer there.

Please join me on Wednesday, March 20 at 7:00 p.m. at the Fox Library in East Arlington to discuss one of those rare books that will break your heart, take residence in your memory, and maybe even change your outlook on life.  You can pick up your copy at the Robbins or Fox Circulation Desks.

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