New baby animals at local zoos

Zebras Cheyenne and Nemo - Franklin Park ZooThe blizzard wasn’t the only exciting thing to happen during the blizzard: a baby zebra was also born at the Franklin Park Zoo! Four days after the baby zebra (dubbed Nemo in honor of the storm) was born, a baby bongo was born at the same zoo. Bongos, according to Encyclopedia Britannica by way of the Boston Globe, are “the largest, most colorful, and most sociable of the African forest antelopes.”

bongo2In addition, on February 16, a prehensile-tailed porcupine was born at the Stone Zoo in Stoneham. If you just can’t wait to see these baby animals, why not take advantage of the Zoo New England pass from the library? The pass can be reserved online, and is good for discounted zoo tickets for six people (adults at $6 each, children at $4 each). Both zoos are open 10am-4pm daily. Reserve your pass now to see zebras, bongos, porcupines, and more!

Photos via the Boston Globe. Zebra photo (c) Zoo New England, bongo photo (c) Nancy Fantom.

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