Valentine’s Day Movie


Free Movie!

6:30 PM – 8:30 PM

Robbins Library Comunity Room

It is Valentine’s Day and whether or not you celebrate, we are showing a movie that everyone is sure to enjoy.  We would love to tell you what the movie is, but our movie license restricts us from doing so.  Some would call it a modern classic, others may call it epic.  Yes it has some romance in it, but it also features fencing, a pirate, a giant, riddles, adventure, and ROUSes.  The movie we picked is just delightful, so whether or not you know what the movie is, it is worth stopping by the library for a free screening.  Seriously, free!  What do you have to lose?  If you don’t like it,  you can walk out of the movie and choose from our fabulous DVD collection.

If you are just dying to know what the movie is, call our reference staff at 781-316-3233.


About Aimee

I am the Teen Librarian at the Robbins Library. I read mostly teen books, but sometimes delve into an occasional adult book. You can most likely find me at the Reference Desk, in the Teen Area, or hiding out in my office.
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