February: Fall in love with a book

2013Feb_BooksWeLove_display As you may have noticed, we change the display on the table near the elevator every month. Last Friday was the first day of February, so it was time for the new display to go up. February’s theme is “Book Crush: Which book(s) do you love?”

Library staff posed with their favorite books, several of which went into the display for anyone to check out. There is also a big poster full of beautiful white space for everyone to help fill with the titles of their own favorite books – just write the book’s name on a paper heart and drop it in the basket, and we’ll put it up on the board. The poster was blank on Friday afternoon (see photo, above right)…

DSC05443 But we had a LOT of participation over the weekend. Here’s what the “Books We Love” board looks like now (see photo, left). More than a dozen people wanted to share their favorite books, from Harry Potter to Pride and Prejudice. This is a great start, but there’s still room on the board, so come on by and add your favorite book the next time you’re at the library!

Here’s a closer look at the “Books We Love” board as of this morning (click on the photo to see an even larger image):


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