Got a Doppelganger?

partent-trapI met my mom’s teenage doppelganger when I was in elementary school.  She was giving a ballet demonstration, wearing pink from head to toe.       I was sitting on the cold linoleum floor with 50 other first graders waiting for this to be over so we could eat snack.

She looked just like my mom in high school.

I just looked stupefied.

That was my first experience with doppelgangers.  Now, I’m not talking about twins, or twins separated at birth, or people in witness protection (probably running from the mob) who picked your mom’s face as the one they’d wear for the rest of their boring lives in, oh I don’t know, Adelphi, OH (Pop. 383 souls).  No offence, Adelphi.

So how stoked was I to see this article on NPR today?  Francois Brunelle is the artist making portraits of real-life doppelgangers.  The project is in the early stages, but still amazing to look at.

So.  Think you have a doppelganger?  Check out the artist’s website for info on participating in the project.

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