How do you say…?

Have you ever had an argument – or “friendly discussion” – over the correct pronunciation of a word? While there may not be a right or wrong answer, you can find out if your preferred pronunciation of a given word is in the majority or the minority by checking out these dialect survey maps and results from a Harvard study. The survey is from the early 2000s but is still relevant and interesting.

When you say the name of Crayola’s most famous product, do you say “cran,” “cray-ahn,” “cray-awn,” “crown,” or some other variation? It looks like “cray-ahn” is the winner with almost 49%, but “cray-awn” is close behind with about 35%.

crayonmapCheck out more pronunciation maps by clicking on the link above, or click on the picture above to see additional maps for the pronunciation of crayon.


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