Hiking books to die for


Though I’m a librarian surrounded by books, it’s sometimes hard to find books I really want to read.  But…as a dog lover, hiking enthusiast, and someone interested in New England lore, this book seemed like a natural choice.  What I did not expect was just how refreshing a reading experience this would become.  Imbued with local color, it’s a gutsy, deftly told survival tale, featuring then-Newburyport newswriter, Tom Ryan, and his scruffy dog, Atticus.  Following Atticus was an unexpectedly awesome read – and tremendously inspiring.

If you like to hike,  here are some exceptional books for you.

WALK IN WOODSINTO THINon-beaten-path-appalachian-pilgrimage-robert-alden-rubin-hardcover-cover-artVOIDLast Season


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1 Response to Hiking books to die for

  1. linda says:

    Wild by Cheryl Strayed was one of the very best books I read last year!

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