“Oh Myyy!”

takei smallSo last week I was in the car, parked in my driveway, enjoying the bright winter sunshine on the new fallen snow, etc. (okay, the baby miraculously fell asleep after a Target run and I was too chicken to try and move her because, yes, it’s the 18 month sleep regression come 2 months early and naps are like unicorns at this point), when I came across an interview with Star Trek’s Sulu, (and my favorite social media giant), George Takei.

Nap saved!  Irrational resentment avoided!  George Takei is like Betty White.  He’s a national treasure, and I’m so glad I was able to tune in.  Here’s the link.

He also has a book out called Oh Myyy! (There Goes The Internet).  Right now, it’s only available for Kindle (not in print, audio, or ebook) through Amazon.

Need some George Takei in your life?

George in our library

George at all the other libraries

George’s homepage

George’s new musical, Allegiance

George reading from Fifty Shades of Grey

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