Challenge Yourself With Reading

High pile of hardcover booksThis January as you are starting out fresh with new resolutions for a healthy diet and exercise, be sure to include goals for your mind as well. Of course the Arlington libraries have a ton of books (print, digital, and audio) for all your intellectual and entertainment needs, but sometimes you need that extra little push to help you get started.

Thus, I’ve combed the internet for you and found many stimulating and fun reading challenges. Maybe one of these will inspire you to discover some fantastic new books! (Note: Some of these challenges “require” posting about books on your blog, but if you don’t have a blog, never fear! You can always participate unofficially.)

Long-Awaited Reads Month  Ease into the new year with this month-long challenge and finally tackle that list of books you’ve been putting off for too long.

Outdo Yourself Reading Challenge  Do you simply want to read more books than you have in past years? This may be the challenge for you.

Nerdy Non-fiction Reading Challenge Maybe you read plenty of novels, but think it’s high time you read some nonfiction. This looks like a fun one!

Audio Book Challenge If audiobooks are your thing, here’s a challenge just for you.

Women of Genre Fiction Science fiction readers will appreciate this focus on female authors.

Classics Reading Challenge  Are there some classics you’ve missed? Now’s the time to catch up!

War and Peace Read Along If you want to be even more specific, I can’t think of a better way to get through this lengthy novel.

7 Continents 7 Billion People 7 Books Reading Challenge This is one of my favorites that I’ve seen this year – read books from different countries while learning more about the world.

Library Books Reading Challenge I’d be remiss if I didn’t include a link to this challenge which encourages reading books from your local library.

None of these seem like quite what you’re looking for? Here’s a whole blog devoted to different reading challenges, or you could just do a Google search for the type of challenge you’re looking for (ex. “historical fiction reading challenge”) and I bet you’ll find something. If you use Goodreads, go to “Groups” and search for “2013 challenge” to find lots more choices.

Or of course you can make up your own. How will you challenge yourself this year?

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9 Responses to Challenge Yourself With Reading

  1. Jenny says:

    Great collection of challenges, Linda! Last year I participated in the 2012 End of the World Reading Challenge (, which was just page count, but this year I’m going to tackle my “to-read” pile/shelf/list.

  2. linda says:

    I did the End of the World Challenge as well, though lots of my books didn’t qualify since they were re-reads. I’m taking a break from challenges this year because, like you, I want to deal with my to read list. But I’m also trying to read more serendipitously, reading whatever I feel like at the moment, which may conflict with that other goal!

  3. Iris says:

    Thank you for mentioning the War and Peace read along as well as Long-Awaited Reads month!!

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  5. mywackyvisions says:

    The nerd non-fiction challenge link is broken. 😦
    I did a little searching and surprisingly there are a few lists with this title, so I don’t know which one you mean.

    But this is a great idea! Thank you!

    • linda says:

      This post was from almost a year ago, so I’m surprised some of the challenges have been taken down. Maybe we can rustle up a new list of challenges for 2014 – stay tuned!

  6. mywackyvisions says:

    Oh! Sorry, it showed up as a new article in my RSS reader so I didn’t bother to look at the date.

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