Beating Stress

November and December are often stressful months in our lives from getting ready for the holidays to fitting in holiday gatherings into our already busy lives.  In addition, we have to acclimate to the earlier sunsets and the colder weather as well. 


Here are some ideas to quickly reduce stress and improve your mood:

  • Smile. The act of smiling really can improve your mood.
  • Jump around/Be active. Get feel good endorphins pumping fast with some jumping jacks, jump rope, dancing, walking, or running.
  • Count your blessings. Think about or write down things for which you are thankful.
  • Listen to a happy song. Sing along (perfect pitch not required) for extra benefit.
  • Try a deep breathing exercise. There are all kinds of deep breathing exercises out there. Find one you like and do it whenever you’re feeling stressed or overly emotional.
  • Write in a journal. Write about how you feel and what is annoying you or stressing you. Just jot down your thoughts without censoring them.

Try out the various ideas and decide which ones work for you.  Then you will have them ready to go to help you beat stress.

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