Next Not-So-Young Adult book for discussion

The NSYA book group had a great discussion last night! Now it’s time to start reading our next book: Almost Perfect by Brian Katcher.

Logan is still trying to get over his ex-girlfriend when he meets Sage, a new student at his small Missouri high school. Sage is like nobody else he’s ever met – she’s independent and loud and sews her own clothes. She also has incredibly strict parents, has been home-schooled for the last five years, and and isn’t allowed to date. Although Sage tries to keep her distance, Logan just can’t stay away and finally kisses her. A perfect, wonderful kiss that leaves him wanting more. And that’s when Sage reveals the truth about herself – she is really a boy.

Brian Katcher is a master at capturing genuine teenage angst and there is plenty of it in this novel. I loved Almost Perfect when I first read it a few years ago, and I can’t wait to read it again. I think there will be a lot to talk about when we meet.

So pick up your copy at the Robbins Library Circulation Desk and come join us for a discussion at the Starbucks in Arlington Center on December 10 at 7pm.

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2 Responses to Next Not-So-Young Adult book for discussion

  1. Damn, wish I could come.

  2. linda says:

    I wish you could too!

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