Independent Film Series and Discussion: FEAT

Independent Film Series and Discussion: FEAT

Tuesday, October 16

7:00 PM – 9:00 PM

Robbins Library Community Room

What are the limits of human endurance? Can a single marathon runner make a difference? Meet Tim Borland, an endurance runner who, after meeting a young woman suffering from the rare, debilitating disease known as Ataxia Telangiectasia (A-T), decides to undertake a seemingly impossible task; run 63 marathons in 63 consecutive days and raise awareness about A-T. In support of these kids, and sometimes with a new friend in a racing chair, Borland runs through rain, gusting winds, and the hottest Chicago Marathon on record. Packing himself, his wife, and their two small children into an RV, the Borlands cross 29 states from California to New York. Between beautiful shots of Borland soldiering on through America’s diverse landscapes, we meet three families struggling with A-T. The hope for a cure lies in the feet of one man.

After the film, Library Director Ryan Livergood and his wife Meagan, former employees of the A-T Children’s Project that witnessed all 63 consecutive marathon days and part of the team that coordinated Tim’s journey, will answer audience questions.

Don’t miss this opportunity to see this amazing documentary! For a preview, check out the trailer for FEAT below:

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