Get Carried Away with Summer Reading…literally!

There is less than a month to go in the Adult Summer Reading program – so keep reading, and keep entering those raffle tickets. (The mid-summer prize winners who haven’t yet picked up their prizes can do so at the Robbins reference desk.)

Now, perhaps you’re wondering why our theme this year is “Get Carried Away,” and why we have a big poster of a hot air balloon on the summer reading display table. Wonder no more: it’s because the Grand Prize is a hot air balloon ride!

You read that right: the lucky winner of the Adult Summer Reading Grand Prize drawing will receive a free hot air balloon ride, with FAA licensed commercial pilots in Southern New Hampshire. Learn more about hot air balloons and balloon rides from the Granite State Balloon Association or by clicking on the picture (right).

A hot air balloon ride is a “peaceful, relaxing experience” akin to an “aerial nature walk.” Ballooning is “one of the oldest and safest forms of aviation.” (However, should you win the prize and choose not to go, we will exchange your prize and choose another Grand Prize winner.)

Read, raffle, win!

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