Friends of the Robbins Library Book Sale Room — A Hidden Gem

Pictured left to right are volunteers Nancy Ashley, Richard McElroy, Liz Eagan, Ave Rongone and Dinesh Gupta.

The Arlington Friends of the Robbins Library Book Sale resides in a small room tucked away on the 4th floor of the beautiful, historic Robbins Library. From the entrance to the Book Sale Room one enjoys a bird’s-eye view of the elaborate gold leaf domed ceiling, historic curving staircase, and bustling circulation and reading areas below. It is a quiet, pretty room stocked to the rafters with a variety of wonderful books in great condition …. each available for either $1.00 or $2.00.

 The Book Sale is a useful initiative for the Robbins Library, bringing in up to $1000 per month. Library patrons may purchase gently used (and sometimes brand new) hardcover and paperback fiction and non-fiction including recent best-sellers, trade paperbacks, and a variety of art, business, history, politics, spirituality, and other beautiful books.

Donations of gently used books in very good condition are always welcome. Library patrons may pique their interest by perusing the selection of books displayed in the first floor lobby, then take the elevator or stairs to the Fourth Floor to view the collection and make an enjoyable investment in summer reading.

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