Museums and Ferries and Ballgames, oh my!

Looking for an activity that won’t drop you further down in credit card debt? Are you an Arlington Resident? Do you have a library card? If you answered yes to these questions, we’ve got you covered.

On the library web site, you’ll find a page with the list of all the passes you’ve got to choose from. You can also find out how much it’ll cost you. Additionally, there are links to the place the pass is for so you can see how much dough you’ll save. Most conveniently of all, you can reserve the pass online!

Thanks to the Friends of the Robbins Library, you’ve got a myriad of discounted passes available for you: museums and ferries and ballgames, oh my! Are the kids running laps around the house? Take them to the Boston Children’s Museum at half price ($6 per person). Interested in seeing Fort Warren out in Georges Island? Snag the library pass and bring it to Boston Harbor Island Ferry for a 2-for1 deal. Can’t afford the tickets (or the parking or the food) at Fenway? Go see the stars of the future at a Pawtucket Red Sox game by getting 6 tickets for just $18.

A couple of notes, dear friends, before we send you on your way; first, we need to share the wealth so you can only reserve each pass once a month. You can reserve multiple passes per month, but not the same one twice. Second, please, please, please make sure you return the pass on time. As you can imagine there is quite a bit of demand for them. So in an effort to ensure as many people as possible can use the passes, there’s a hefty $10 per day fee for tardy passes. If you don’t mind paying fees because you know the library’s belt is strapped just as tight as yours, we’ll gladly take donations in the stead of postponed passes.

Even after all the dire warnings about timely returns are you still interested? We thought you might be. So click below to check things out!

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