Adult Summer Reading

There’s summer reading for kids and teens, so why not grown-ups? Why not indeed! The popular adult summer reading program returns this summer, starting just two days from now, on Wednesday, June 20. We have lots to offer, so we hope you’ll participate.

Start by visiting our display table on the main floor. There you’ll find registration forms (neon yellow paper). Just fill out one registration form, drop it in the box, and you’re registered for the whole summer.

Now for the fun part: reading! For each book you read, fill out a raffle ticket (neon green paper). We’ll have prize drawings in July and at the end of summer reading, after Labor Day. You can win coupons for free DVD rentals from the library, gift certificates to local businesses, or a special grand prize.

But of course, the best prize of all is discovering books you love. Let us help with that too, through our display materials, in person, or online:

Display: We’ve prepared lots of staff picks for you, both in list and bookmark form. Or if it’s award winning books you want, take a Pulitzer or Man Booker prize bookmark.

In person: Talk to a librarian at the reference desk. We’ll be happy to suggest a book we think you’ll like based on your personal preferences.


You can read indoors, outdoors, or even in the car (with audiobooks), so there’s no reason not to participate in summer reading. Unlike Trix, it’s not just for kids! Look for the display when Adult Summer Reading officially launches on June 20, the first day of summer!

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