Databases in Context

The last databases we highlighted here were Consumer Reports and Biography in Context. You can also access a number of other “___ in Context” databases through the library, including Global Issues, Opposing Viewpoints, Science, Student Resources, U.S. History, and World History.

What makes the “____ in Context” databases more valuable than just searching the Internet? These databases are a great way to get a balanced view of an issue, a person, or an historical event, and you’ll get in-depth information from valid sources, as opposed to just the top news story of the hour.

For example, if you search for “Barack Obama” in Biography in Context, you’ll get results from reference sources like the Federal Directory and the Almanac of Famous People; articles from papers such as The New York Times, USA Today, and the Christian Science Monitor; articles from magazines such as Newsweek and The Economist; and audio and video clips.

Are you researching an historical event? U.S. History in Context and World History in Context are great places to start. Like Biography in Context, your search will return plenty of results, from print reference sources to magazine and newspaper articles to academic journal articles to primary source documents.

What if you’re looking for information on a current issue rather than a person or historical event? Check out Global Issues in Context and browse by topic (Environment and Climate Change, Science and Technology) or by geography using the World Map tool.

You can also search for a specific topic, and results will include op-eds, newspaper articles, academic journal articles, images, audio, and video. The range of sources and opinions will help you see many sides of the issue.

All of the “___ in Context” databases have advanced search features, so you can limit your search by document type, content type, and date.  How do advanced search features help? They let you build a detailed search so you get more precise results. For example, in Science in Context, you could search for peer-reviewed, academic journal articles from the past ten years having to do with stem cell research, or news articles from the past year about geoengineering.

Not sure whether geoengineering is good or bad? Head back over to Global Issues in Context to read opinions from many points of view.

Discover something interesting in one of the “___ in Context” databases? Have a question? Let us know in the comments!

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