Getting to Know Your Robbins Library Website

(This is the first in a series of posts to shine a light on some of the information highlighted on the Robbins Library website)

The Robbins Library website is good for more than just checking hours and searching the catalog. Gracing its pages are such things as a list of museum passes and an annual report of library goings-on. But today I’d like to make history, as in the Local History Room.

From its days as the village of Menotomy to its current incarnation of the town of Arlington, this city has a long and storied history. So in the Local History Room you’ll find books, directories, photos, and a plethora of other materials to help you get a better idea of what happened in a given chapter in the story of Arlington.

Want to see if you can trace your roots back to the original settlers? As the saying goes “there’s an app for that”. Only here the app is a good old fashioned genealogical book.

Curious about how the city limits changed over time? Compare a couple of atlases living in the room.

And where on Earth is West Cambridge? There’s a military history here that’ll fill you in.

From Dorchester’s Massachusetts Vital Records to the New England Historic Genealogical Society , there are even links to websites where you can broaden your search to include not just Massachusetts but all of New England. Whether you’re just curious or you’re a serious researcher, there’s a substantial amount of resources to peruse

If the web page entices you to come down and use the room, please note that if yours is serious research you’ll need to fill out a Research Card Application (a copy of which is included on the web page for you!) The reason being, some of the materials haven’t weathered the test of time all that well and we need to take steps to preserve them for future generations. Once that’s taken care of, one of our friendly reference librarians will be happy to help you with the materials and even assist in photocopying those items that are healthy enough to be copied. (The normal nominal fee does apply).

So how do I find this magical page? Glad you asked! simply click here:

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