Under the Radar: I2

Dr. Edward Frame is hard at work on a bio-software program that can upload and store a person’s memories when he learns that he has terminal cancer. He and his co-worker Samantha (with whom he has been having an affair) make a plan to store his memories and download them into a baby she will have, giving him a second chance at life. But all does not go according to plan, and when Edward awakes in his new infant form he realizes that he is living with his wife and children and has no idea what has happened to Samantha. Even worse, his wife is now married to a former colleague, who is ruining Dr. Frame’s business. Trapped in the body of a child, Edward (now called Adam) struggles to reconcile the person he once was with this new person, leading him to self-destructive behavior even while he continues to put together the pieces of Samantha’s death.

Robbins Library is the only Minuteman library to even own this book, despite the fact that Kirkus gave it a starred review, calling it “mind-blowing.” Dark and unflinchingly honest, this novel has gotten very little press, most likely because it was self-published. But don’t let that deter you – it absolutely deserves a wider audience.

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2 Responses to Under the Radar: I2

  1. Interesting book concept. I wonder what all of us would do, given a chance to go back and start life again from the beginning. Would we have learned from our mistakes, would we still meet the same people who shaped our lives and would we have the same experiences that had a deep influence on us?

  2. linda says:

    It’s really a fascinating idea! In this case, Edward was so obsessed with righting the wrongs of his first life that he didn’t take time to enjoy his second chance. It was rather disturbing in parts, and I’m very glad Bannon self-published because I think if a regular publishing house had accepted this it would have been completely watered down, and that would have been a shame.

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