Use your smartphone to become a wicked smart library user

Do you own a smartphone, such as an iPhone, Blackberry, or Android phone? If so, as you already know, you have an amazing device at your disposal, and now, more than ever, you can use your smartphone to take advantage of all the great services and resources the library has to offer. Below are just some of the ways you can use your smartphone to get the most out of the library:

Get information about the Robbins Library

Did you know that the Robbins Library has a mobile website? Just visit on your smartphone to access our mobile website optimized for your phone’s screen. Check out upcoming events, look up our hours of operation, access this blog, and much more!

Find materials

Imagine you are on the third floor of the Robbins Library and trying to remember the call number for that Frommer’s Florida travel guide you want to check out. Sure, you could walk back down to the first floor and ask one of the amazing reference librarians for help, but why not save yourself some time and access the Minuteman Library Network Mobile Catalog on your smartphone? Just visit, and you can quickly search the catalog or even login to your account directly using your smartphone.

Learn a language on the go

Did you know that some of our databases have apps that you can download to your smartphone? One of my favorites is Mango Languages Library Edition for the iPhone. Learn a number of languages on the go, including Spanish, French, Chinese, and so many more.

What do I read next?

Just finish reading a book and wondering what to read next? iRecommend is another iPhone app that allows you to scan the ISBN of that great book you just finished and get back a list of books you might enjoy, where you can buy them, and, best of all, find libraries in your area that have them (and if we by chance don’t have them, just ask and we will get them for you!).

Engage the library

In addition to visiting us in person or giving us a call, why not use your smartphone to engage us using social media tools? Friend us on Facebook, ask us a question on Twitter, tell us what you think of us on Yelp, and check-in / become the Mayor of the Robbins or Fox using Foursquare.

Smartphones are great tools that can really add a lot of value to your life. Be wicked smart and use yours to make your overall library experience even better.

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2 Responses to Use your smartphone to become a wicked smart library user

  1. samldiener says:

    Thanks for the post. I will check out iRecommend in particular. The library-related app I like the best on my mobile is Overdrive – for checking out and listening to audiobooks for free. One can also check out ebooks with it, though I haven’t tried that. When I first tried it, it was a pain because it required downloading on my desktop and then syncing through a USB port, but now I can search for, select, and download the title directly to my mobile. Very cool. There’s a review at

    • ryan02474 says:

      Great call, I can’t believe I didn’t mention the Overdrive app! You are correct, it is terrific and I encourage everyone to check it out.

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