Hidden gem in Local History Room!

The Haggadah is a what?

If you’ve never been to or even heard of a Passover seder, this is THE guidebook.  It walks you through the biblical story of the Jews escape from slavery in Egypt.  Where else can you find stories, rituals, blessings songs, prayers, and instructions for a huge ritual meal  – all packed into one slim book?

And there’s more!  Robbins is the only Minuteman library to own a copy  called the Sarajevo Haggadah.  Thought to be handcrafted  for a newlywed couple in Barcelona, Spain around 1350, it’s considered one of the most valuable and sought-after books in the world.

From the Sarajevo Haggadah

Ours is only the first copy of a facsimile of the original.  But hey, its quiet beauty is startling and the visuals are soft and luminous.  So if you haven’t saved up enough to fly to the National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Sarajevo to view the original, have a peek at ours!

Stop by the Reference Desk or call 781-316-3233.

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